Guillaume Goyette, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Dr. Guillaume Goyette is the co-founder of Biotech Connect. He has been in the Biotech Industry for over six years, including serving in product strategy. Dr. Goyette received extensive doctoral training in microbiology and immunology (Caracterisation spatiale et temporelle du proteome des phagosomes) at Universite de Montreal. Is experience, a combination of scientific research, sales and marketing, gives him the best angle to perfectly understand the specific needs of both the researchers and the vendors.

Frédéric LaBranche, B.A.

Event coordonator

It is with a fifteen-year experience in organizing events that I join the dynamic and promising team of biotech Connect. During these years, I have also been involved in various charitable organizations such as the Vancouver Olympic Games, the Quebec games, the Toastmasters group, the Scout Canada movement and the Canadian Children’s foundation. I am the link between the exhibitor and the visitor. Communicator and organized.

Simon Addou, M.Sc.

Founder, former Director & Advisor

Mr. Simon Addou is the person behind the launch of Biotech Connect. With over seven years experience in Biotech industry marketing, sales and business development, Mr. Addou was ideally suited to build up a Product Show organization service and make it successful.