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BTC strives to invite the most recognized life science vendors and service providers to your campus in order to share their latest products and creative ideas. As former researchers, we understand how uncomfortable and inconvenient sometimes to see sales rep walk into your lab and invade your privacy and interrupt your research experiments. At the same time, we do realize that your laboratory needs to be on the forefront of new technologies, so we have created a win-win situation for both biotech suppliers and researchers. Sales rep can now comfortably and effectively meet you and address all your concerns as well as share their cutting edge advances to make your research more efficient and worthwhile.

All principal investigators, research associates, graduate students, lab managers, research technicians, and purchasing staff are welcomed and encouraged to attend our events. There will be a complimentary nutritious snacks, sandwiches, coffee, pastries, door prizes, and a world of top tools and innovations for you to explore. Pre-registration is suggested but not required.


We look forward to meet you on your campus soon!


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