New Biotech Connect registration portal for exhibitors

    Hello to all Vendors/Exhibitors,

    We hope that you’re having a great summer so far!

    New Registration portal:

    We wanted to announce that our new registration portal is ready. From now on, you will be able to see our show list and register directly online by clicking this link:

    Please notice that the registration is a 2 step process:

    1- Booth purchase: You choose one or more events and you book a table for your company. You can also choose your payment method and you get the invoice.

    2- Once you completed the booth purchase, you will get an email with a link that will bring you to the second step: Staff registration. In this new form, you are invited to put the attending representative contact information (email, phone number). You will need to provide one staff for each of the show selected at step 1. This is a very important step because this email address will be used to send the information package and the reminders about the events booked for them.

    If you have any questions or feedback about this new registration platform, you are more than welcome to contact Guillaume at or 514-691-2779

    Attached: Newly updated Biotech Connect Calendar